Housekeeping Maintenance Systems is big enough to provide quality work and small enough to provide customized services. Our buildings are anywhere from 900 square feet up to 99,000 square feet in size. We service our customers in a variety of schedules, providing everything from monthly to nightly service, and even offering daytime office cleaning to customers with special needs.

We would love to service your facility. Call today for your free estimate or use the form at the right. At HMS, our service and our reputation are Squeaky Clean!

What's included in a regular commercial cleaning schedule?

Depending on a customer's needs and budget, we can create a cleaning program that includes everything from dusting to stripping and waxing hard surfaced floors.

A 'regular' cleaning would include surface dusting of all furniture and filing systems, vacuuming, sweeping & mopping, cleaning & disinfecting all restroom surfaces, cleaning & disinfecting all break area surfaces, emptying trash throughout, re-stocking supplies (i.e. hand soap, toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.). We specialize in customizing your service to fit your needs.